M2G has a long history in television production, dating back to the 1980's when we were involved in the production of numerous sports oriented programs. In the 90's, we were an integral part of the Body by Jake television empire that included both infomercials and fitness programming developed for two networks originated by Jake. In the last decade we produced several seasons of Totalmente en Forma, which was a Spanish language fitness program for ESPN International, and we produced several episodes of Larry King Live for CNN. If your needs are traditional television, and you need production expertise or crews, you will find what you need here at M2G.

As an off-shoot of our natural story-telling leanings, M2G also produces documentary projects both for business campaigns and for film festivals and television.  Currently we are producing "Hard Rode", which is a documentary on the American Horse, and the controversy surrounding their place in today's society and how they are cared for, or destroyed, and how we as humans need to find a way to save them.

You can see some samples of our documentary, television and commercial work by clicking on the buttons below.