Since the advent of drones, real estate videos for home listings has developed into a new and exciting market. However the way homes are depicted in these videos is basic, and doesn't utilize more traditional commercial marketing techniques. At M2G we have established our real estate video division to help solve that problem.  We decided to take our 30+ years of television and marketing experience and apply it to the real estate market.  

We offer our agents and agencies a PACKAGE of video content that will help them to market a home on the web using social media, and also as a means for BRANDING themselves, which is critical for becoming a successful real estate professional. Most importantly we offer our packages with a PARTNERSHIP arrangement and we provide training on how to maximize SEO and METADATA to drive traffic to your listings. This means you get all of the content and know-how that you will need,  at a low out-of-pocket cost, and we only get paid the balance when you sell the home! It's a win-win for everybody! We are extra motivated to do a great job as we have "skin in the game" and want the home to sell as badly as you do!

Click on the button below to view samples of the various types of video we can produce for you and your home listings. 

PACKAGE PRICES start at only $ 750 and include up to $ 5,000 worth of video production content.