Augmented and Virtual Reality

Imagine walking into a museum, holding up your phone to take a picture of a dinosaur skeleton, and then having that dinosaur roar to life in 3D right before your eyes. That’s the promise of AR and VR, and M2G now has the expertise to help you turn your dreams into reality.

We now partner with Murdock Motion to develop AR or VR experiences for your venue or business. Beyond just the wow factor, AR and VR offer tremendous advantages from a marketing perspective. Imagine having your business card come to life? Or perhaps a training manual for your product floating in front of your customer when they need it? There are so many possibilities. Let us brainstorm with you to find out how you can use this cutting edge technology to differentiate yourself from the competitors.

Check out our short promo video here…

A quick look at some of the AR work being created by Murdock Motion, in partnership with M2G Media

The only limits are your imagination!