Direct Response marketing is still one of the most effective ways to brand and sell your product. It has evolved quite a bit over the past 30 years, but M2G has been part of that evolution and we bring that legacy of experience into each and every project we start. M2G co-owner Chad Murdock is one of the most well respected infomercial producers in the industry, having been one of the pioneers dating back to the late 80's. 

In recent years, M2G has won ERA's coveted "Infomercial of the year" and "spot of the year" for our successful "Your Baby Can Read" campaigns, and we continue to produce high quality, effective shows for a wide variety of clients. Whether you need an infomercial, short form commercial, media for QVC, HSN or the web, M2G will partner with you to create the ideal package. With our experience we can help you to define your product package and bring it to market, and we leverage our many contacts within the industry to give you an inside track on where to best make a mark with your product. 

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