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Where your baby is born

You have an idea. It’s your baby. Maybe you have a new product to sell or a new business message to communicate. Whatever your idea is, you know that you need great media production to bring it to life. At M2G, we will be your partner in giving life to that project. We’ve been in the television and video business for nearly 40 years and know a thing or two about how to communicate, sell and motivate. So if you’re looking for high quality television and video production, you’ve come to the right place. M2G offers unmatched experience at affordable prices. Whether you need something simple or something big, we’ve done it all.


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Corporate Video

Marketing, Branding, Promotional, Training, Meetings, Tradeshow and Customer Profiles

“Corporate video” is a pretty broad term that basically covers any video that is not for broadcast and is used to communicate a business message. Whether you are marketing, branding or training, video is now a must-have tool for any business to leverage. In this current YouTube world, the technology exists for just about anyone to make a video, but for a business looking to communicate effectively and project a professional brand, video must be executed properly. M2G has been involved in corporate video production since the early 1980’s and we have produced high-profile projects for just about every industry. Just a few of our clients over the years have included: Google Cloud, HP, IBM, Nissan, Honda, Mazda, Intel, Amgen, Kenwood, Epson, Disney Epcot Center, Sage Software, PeopleSoft, Boeing and many more.


Direct Response

We are experts in all things DR. Infomercials, spots and social media

If you have ever purchased a product from a commercial on television, or lately, from a video on instagram, then you have experienced the art of Direct Response marketing. DR includes infomercials, short form commercials and digital marketing designed to inspire consumers to buy a product on the spot. It is an art and a science, and one that M2G excels in, having been a leader in the industry since the early 1980’s. M2G’s owners produced the original “Hooked on Phonics” infomercial as well as the “Body by Jake” fitness product shows. We have generated over $ 2 BILLION dollars in sales for our clients over the years with hit shows that included the Oral B Plaque Remover, TimeLife Books and Your Baby Can Read, to name just a few. We still produce DR for television, and now also for digital marketing and social media. You won’t find a more experienced DR partner than M2G.

AR (Augmented Reality) and VR

M2G now features a division of talented AR/VR artists. Find out how this incredible technology can change the game for your business

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Television Commercials

National Quality TV spots at a fraction of the cost

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Social Media

Videos designed and optimized for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Apps

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Launch and Brand

Make an impact with your next product launch or company branding

Ed and the team at M2G Media have been my go-to video/editing/creative partner for over 10 years. Ed is a true creative collaborator and brings a great wealth of experience and innovative ideas to every project, and truly cares about the end result. The whole M2G team consistently deliver exceptional quality products for my clients - always on time and always on budget. And best of all - we always find time to laugh.
— Jennifer Wittlinger, Executive Producer Kindle Communications
I have been in the marketing/production business for the past 24 years. For the past 5 years I have been working on a series of high end film productions with Chad Murdock and his group at M2G. Chad and M2G are by far the most professional, expert team I
have ever worked with. I cannot see myself working with anyone else with our upcoming productions. They have a perfect understanding of any production needs we have, and the quality of work is the highest I have seen for clients. The most professional and high
quality work I’ve seen in 24 years in the business.
— Karl T., Talk Marketing

Just a few of our clients…

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