M2G has a long history in traditional television production, dating back over 30 years. Our owners have produced and directed shows for major networks including CBS, ESPN and CNN. If you need traditional production, either single or multi-camera, we have the resources for your show. In addition, M2G produces documentary film projects and we are actively involved in several projects right now. We love to tell stories and move hearts. 

10 minute documentary written, shot and edited by Edward Mailhot that tells the story of Operation Rainbow and how they change lives in third world countries. 

This is a behind the scenes featurette, about a commercial that we also produced for Nissan.

"Manuela's Dream", 5 minute documentary that tells the Operation Rainbow story from the patient perspective

M2G helped developed this magazine format show pilot for a concept called "Weekend Warriors"

M2G produced several multi-camera remote shoots for Larry King Live. This one was done on the set of the show "24"

Trailer for Hard Rode, a documentary about an altruistic man with ailing health, struggles to maintain a horse sanctuary in northern Idaho.

This is a trailer for our feature length documentary "Partners in Rhyme" about the making of a country music album that reunited some of the all time greats from the genre.

Rough Edit of "Hard Rode" consisting of select scenes to illustrate directorial style, editing and content/themes involved

M2G put this short pilot together for a web series called Izzie and Friends, starring Fitness legend Tamilee Webb (Buns of Steel). It's a cute look into the life of a 3 legged dog and the mother that treats her like a queen.

One of our other shows with Larry was with the beloved Nancy Reagan. This was shot in a suite at one of her favorite hotels, the Bel-Air hotel