A great way of telling the story of your product is by showing the impact that product has on your customers who use it. M2G specializes in customer success story profiles, which are mini-documentaries about a customer and their business. They can be very personally focused, or be very business focused. Whatever you need.

Blackboard - Santa Clara University

Blackboard - Purdue University

Quantum - Ativas

Sage Accountant Network - Nadia LaRussa

Sage Accountant Network - Shayna Chapman

Sage One - Talima Davis, Limegreen

Blackboard University of Texas Arlington

Sage 300 - Pinnacle Construction

Sage ERP X3 - RealMex Foods

Open Sesame - Overhead Doors

Quantum - Treehouse

Sage One - Vid-4-Web

Sage Payment Solutions - Girls Scouts of America