With the rapid change in how products are now marketed and sold, traditional direct response strategies are not always the best answer. For some of our clients, what they really need are customer testimonials for their product landing pages, or they need professionally shot product footage or demonstration footage for use on home shopping channels and other broadcast applications. M2G specializes in producing compelling testimonials that are real, honest and effective at selling product. And we then bring our television commercial experience to shooting "b-roll" footage.

Polygel - Live action b-roll for QVC segment

Hooked on Phonics - Another example of an interview story for a reading product

This is an example of a testimonial video for a product. In this case, for Arbonne RE9. M2G specializes in filming authentic, credible testimonials for it's videos and DR television.

An example of a positive weight loss story for an infomercial we produced for BeachBody (P90X)

Polygel - Animation for QVC segment