So, how much does an infomercial cost?  Or a Nike-esque brand video?  Or a customer profile video?

Production is as varied in cost and complexity as you might imagine. Every project is different.

That being said, M2G approaches EACH project with the same ideas in mind:

Collaborate. Partner. Exceed Expectations.

We have always been a versatile production company...Just about any type of media production you have seen, we have done. What we have become in the past few years is more flexible, and nimble.

If you want a single man crew to shoot some interviews or b-roll, we have the talent and gear in-house to do that.

If you need major production value, locations, cast and high level director, we can do that too.

On the post-production side, all of our editing and graphics are done in-house with our talented staff of artists. That gives us the ability to give you more and not nickel-and-dime you at every corner. 

So how much?  We have done simple jobs as low as $ 2,000.  Documentary-style on-location customer testimonial stories typically cost around $ 8,000. DR spots and infomercials typically range between $ 30,000 and $ 200,000 to produce.  And everything else depends largely on your creative and business goals.

What we promise to do is put all of your money up on the screen.  That's the M2G guarantee.