Producing successful infomercial campaigns is both an art and a science. M2G is one of the leading infomercial production companies in North America, having produced numerous successful shows and even winning "infomercial of the year" several times for "Your Baby Can Read". M2G co-owner Chad Murdock is one of the original great infomercial producers, having produced and hosted the groundbreaking Hooked on Phonics show back in 1992. We still bring all of that expertise to play, working with entrepreneurs and businesses to help them produce a great show, even when budgets are tight. Few production companies will partner with their clients like M2G does. We put our passion and legacy of experience into your project, giving it the best possible chance to succeed. 

PressurePro cooker - web version

This is a segment from our awarding winning 30 minute infomercial for Your Baby Can Read

Genie Instant Line Smoother - CTA highlight

FullBar infomercial Segment

Simple Way to an "A"

This is the first section of the infomercial M2G produced for the iGrow hair growth system

This is a 30 minute infomercial for a weight loss tablet called Regeneslim.

Chad Murdock produced and hosted the original Hooked on Phonics in the early 90's. Here is a segment of our latest show still selling this great product.