Do you guys do wedding videos?


Does M2G have an actual facility or do you guys just all work from home?

Yes we have an office and small studio space so that we can all work together and talk sports. To see actual pictures, click on the button below.

Your work looks pretty high end, can we afford you guys?

We know that budgets are tight nowadays, so we have streamlined our operations and made ourselves capable of doing both real lean AND full blown productions. Our day rates are fair, industry standard rates and we work really hard to keep the costs down. Most importantly,  when we agree to a budget we don't go back and nickel-and-dime you for everything little thing. Provided of course that you aren't changing your mind every 5 minutes...

We're an agency. Should we trust you guys with our client?

Absolutely. When we work for agencies or other production groups we consider ourselves part of your team and the M2G name never comes up unless you want it to. We have done some of our best work for larger agencies that have included George P. Johnson, Jack Morton Worldwide, Kindle Communications, Campos Creative, Dick Clark Productions and many others.

We have a great product, but not a lot of money. Can you help?

More than likely, yes. Before we ask for any money we provide our time doing initial consulting for entrepreneurs and businesses that need help marketing or selling a product. While we won't typically invest our own capital, we will invest time in projects that we believe in, provided there is an acceptable residual deal set up so that when the product sells we get paid for our investment.  In addition to our time and in-house production resources, we are also VERY connected and can help you develop your product package, raise money and setup distribution. 

Have you ever done a (fill in the blank) type of corporate video? 

We have produced pretty much everything you can think of in corporate communication videos. Since we have been doing production for so long we have seen all of the different styles and trends come and go. We have seen the evolution of communication within organizations, and we have evolved our production approach to match the needs of today's corporate world. Whether you are in marketing or training, we've got you covered. 

Do you know how to work with real people, in addition to actors? 

We are really, really good at making non-professional talent feel comfortable on camera. Although we aren't allowed for legal reasons to show all of our work on our website (client confidentiality), we have made corporate executives into stars...made factory employees look good talking on camera...and generally have a knack for charming the socks off of all the corporate folks we work with. 

Are your infomercial testimonials for real?  

Definitely. We believe that the best way to sell a product is to get real people to try it, like it and talk about it in their own words. We don't put words in people's mouths. (That's illegal anyway)